Davis Derby Limited is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electronic control and monitoring equipment, software and data logging systems.

With many years’ experience of supplying airport vehicle management systems to Heathrow, Gatwick and East Midlands Airport, Davis Derby pride themselves on their expertise and design of specialist fleet management solutions.

The TruckLOG TK5 is the definitive vehicle management system for airports and ground safety equipment (GSE) for driver access monitoring and reporting.  TruckLOG can help you develop and implement an enhanced health and safety policy to complement your risk assessment and maximise site safety.  Smartcards ensure that only licensed drivers can operate your vehicles while the time–out function also prevents them from being driven away if unattended.  Should a fault arise on a vehicle, it can be safely disabled until an engineer arrives who will have already been alerted through the system.

TruckLOG, is an easy to install and discreet scalable vehicle management system and whether it’s the entry level driver access control system, driver access control with impact detection or remote hour meter c/w GPS tracking capabilities, Davis Derby provide the precise solution for your needs.

Product features include: –

  • Pre-operational checks to ensure vehicle and driver safety.
  • GPS tracking.
  • Automated vehicle hour meter readings.
  • Automated service date notification.
  • Email message alerts.
  • Remote immobilisation.
  • Driver access control, including licence expiry.
  • VOR control.
  • Collision/shock monitoring.

As part of the web based reporting system TruckLOG is designed to provide all the information when you need it to enable the efficient management of vehicles and drivers – when you need it. This can include hour meter data to enable vehicle servicing, automatic lost card management, local and remote VOR and two-way messaging.

Driver Access Control

The Davis Derby entry level driver access control system can be fitted to all types of airport ground support vehicles and provides the following features:-

  • Smartcard driver access control interface ensures driver identification and authorisation.
  • “Chip & Pin” control is an option that can offer more security.
  • Pre-operational checks with information uploaded to the driver’s record.
  • Pre-operational checks meet health and safety objectives and obligations.
  • Vehicle tracking capabilities using GPS technology c/w Geo Fencing.
  • The ability to monitor a number of auxiliary inputs.
  • Automated vehicle “hour meter” and “to service” readings.
  • SMS text alarm and e-mail message alarm via the web enabled system.
  • Lost card and expiry date protection.
  • V.O.R. capabilities on all ground support vehicles.
  • Adjustable ground support vehicle idle/running timer.

Access Control with Shock Sensor Module

The Davis Derby driver access control with shock sensor module can be fitted to all types of ground support vehicles found in a typical airport operation. The TruckLOG shock sensor module helps you stay in control ensuring driver accountability for damage to airport equipment.

The additional features that this system will deliver to those mentioned in the detailed in the Driver Access Control include: –

  • Easy to use reporting system.
  • Shock thresholds can be adjusted for each vehicle.
  • A fully adjustable vehicle impact sensor that will ensure driver accountability for damage to equipment.
  • Visual impact alarm that illuminates when a vehicle has an impact above the shock threshold.

Remote Hour Meter

The Davis Derby remote hour can be fitted to all types of Ground Support Vehicles found in a typical airport operation and provides the following features: –

  • GPS tracking capabilities which can accurately track your vehicle up on demand.
  • Geo Fencing which allows operating area restrictions and also trigger an alarm if required on certain events.
  • Expandable up to 8 auxiliary inputs if required to suit different ground support vehicle requirements
  • Automated Vehicle “Hour Meter” and “To Service” Readings
  • Remote immobilisation when vehicle next comes to rest.
  • Instantaneous SMS text alarm to on site supervisors and Email message alarm via the Web to senior managers.
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