MULAG is a German manufacturer of Ground Support Equipment with a large product range of towing and push-back tractors, conveyor belt vehicles and container pallet transporters. We manufacture our high quality products with 60 years of experience.

The MULAG GSE product range offers a wide choice of innovative green technology drive concepts that are perfect for different uses and applications and provide just the edge of technical advantage that is needed – thus customers are guaranteed to get the perfect equipment configuration for their field of work.

Low-emission and zero-emission drive concepts play an increasing role for the customer’s decision-making process, due to environmental and business efficiency considerations. This is where decades of experience with Ground Support Equipment and innovative engineering at MULAG come into play with a large choice of different alternative drive concepts: Electro, Hybrid, CNG/LPG and the latest innovation: Hydrogen Fuel Cell drive for Towing Tractors.

Comet Towing Tractors / Pushback Tractors

Our large range of Comet Towing Tractors is perfect to be used in many working situations on airports and in the industry. Decades of experience in the building of tractors and the well-known MULAG Quality pay off!

The design of our towing and push-back tractors is based on an independent chassis especially developed for that purpose: Thus we achieve optimal load balance and outstanding dynamical characteristics, as well as quick and easy access to all important service points and components.

Orbiter Conveyor Belt vehicles

Our Orbiter conveyor belt cars are fitted with hydrostatic drives and can be controlled precisely during maneuvering around the aircraft.

Optional extras such as protective guard rails, multitransfer loading ramp, closed drivers cab, heating and preheating systems and many more guarantee an individual configuration to the customers needs.

The conveyor belt cars can be delivered with closed sound-iso-lated cab, cab without door or with an open driver’s platform.

GSE Special Vehicles and High-Loaders

With innovative new vehicle concepts like our combination FBW, that integrates Towing Tractor, Dolly and Conveyour Belt in one vehicle, our range of special vehicles are able to make your work cycles more effective with faster handling performance.

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