Integrated Air Traffic ManagementIntegrated Air Traffic Management Technology Solutions

Today’s air traffic management demands fast, reliable access to critical information. Efficiency is essential to managing ever-growing traffic volumes while maintaining the highest degree of safety.

NAVCANatm technology solutions provide fast, reliable access to critical airport, tower and terminal air traffic control information, allowing the integration, manipulation and distribution of data across the system.

And our new integrated tower suites combine flight, surveillance and operational data to increase safety and enhance efficiency.

Choose the innovative solution designed by operational ATC professionals.

NAVCANatm Technology Solutions: Tried, tested and proven in the field

Need powerful, integrated Air Traffic Management (ATM) Technology Solutions?

Talk to the company that owns and operates Canada’s civil air navigation system, providing air navigation services for more than 11 million aircraft movements a year.

At NAV CANADA, we know air traffic management; we’re in the business. We manage some of the world’s busiest airspace and some of its most remote, from the North Atlantic route linking North America and Europe, to the over-the-pole route to Asia, to busy international airports across Canada.

To deal with these challenging environments while modernizing operations, our engineers and air traffic controllers developed the ATM technology solutions we needed—technology that complements the way we work. Then we applied it in our operations.

Following a decade of proven in-service operation at towers, terminals and airports throughout Canada, these tools are now in use around the world, field tested and backed by the our experience and reputation.

Explore the built-in advantage that comes with all NAVCANatm technology solutions: NAV CANADA experience, reliability and commitment to excellence.

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