Planevision Systems has evolved as a global major supplier of ground based ADS B Receiving Equipment. Its 19” rack mountable and desktop devices enable airport operators, service companies, fire brigades, fuel companies and alike to visualize ADS-B equipped aircraft and vehicles in real-time.

Based on advanced technologies and proven in more than 5.000 global installations, including remotest areas, Planevision’s ADS-B receivers are low power consumption, most reliable and maintenance-free devices.

A number of available and customizable software interfaces allow the quick integration into private networks and GIS systems.

Planevision Systems ADS B Receiving Equipment comply with all regulations for information-only devices and offer an economical solution for situational awareness on the airport ramp and in the terminal area.

Planevision Systems is the world leading design and manufacturing company of advanced ADS-B receivers, antennas and accessories for private and non aviation certified professional use.

With over 5,000 devices installed worldwide, even in the remotest unmanned locations, we prove daily how reliable our ADS-B receiving technology works.

For professional and industrial customers we offer our PlaneTRack family, a number of comprehensive and customizable ADS-B receiving solutions with extended hardware and software service scopes, e.g. 19? enclosures, rugged versions for maritime use, extended warranty and service agreements, etc.

PlaneTRack ADS-B Receiving Equipment

The PlaneTRack series of ADS-B receivers is an affordable solution for airport related companies. Aircraft and vehicles, that are equipped with an ADS-B transponder, can easily be tracked in real-time and without the need of outside data purchases.

PlaneTRack devices are mountable to 19” racks (2U) or can be placed at the working place. Very low power consumption, fan-less operation and maintenance-free design attribute to seamless operations. Special versions are available for redundant operations.

An advanced technology receiver design provides a very high ADS-B signal detection rate even in an difficult airport RF environment that is prone to interferences and building reflections.

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