SCANNA MSC designs, manufactures and supplies a range of compact and portable security threat screening and detection equipment, renowned for its robustness and ease of use.

Typical applications include Search Operations, IEDD, C-IED, suspicious baggage checks, explosives detection, weapons detection and customs and border controls.

Scanna products are used by the UK MOD, Home Office, Police and Prison Service as well as government, military, police and prison authorities in over 100 different countries. All Scanna products are fully supported and maintained by our extensive network of training instructors and service engineers.

Its main product lines are:

Scanwedge Man-Portable X-ray Equipment

Used by Police and Military forces worldwide, ScanWedge has earned its place as the most robust and portable flat panel x-ray system for bomb responders and search teams. Comprising just 3 key components (portable generator; Scanwedge Flat Panel Imager; handheld PDA viewer) Scanwedge provides a rugged yet lightweight portable x-ray system that fits into an ordinary backpack.

Scanna CR35 Computed Radiography System

Used by NATO forces, the CR35 digital imaging system utilizes flexible imaging plates (similar to the traditional Polaroid film) which can slide into the tightest of gaps to produce unparalleled high resolution NDT quality x-ray images in less than a minute.

The imaging plates are available in a range of different sizes allowing you to scan surface areas up to 43 x 35 cm and are thin enough to slide into wall cavities or behind panelling. The optional QuadPlate allows you mount up to 4 Image Plates to check larger targets such as suitcases or walls.

Portable metal detection

GATESCAN-P is a highly versatile multi-zone PORTABLE metal detector which can be assembled in minutes for in and outdoor use for up to 40 hours on battery. After dismantling the unit can be quickly stacked for wheeling away by hand or transporting in an ordinary car. Gatescan-P is ideal for military checkpoints, passenger security screening for private aircraft or cruiseliners or anywhere you need to set up a temporary security controlpoint.

Other products include:

➢ SCANTRAK portable x-ray equipment
➢ SCANMAX colour postal x-ray scanners
➢ SCANMAIL automatic mailscreener/letterbomb detector
➢ METOR portable and rigid walkthrough metal detectors

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