SLC Associates specialise in Aerodrome Surveys and Software.

Formed in 1987 as SLC Surveys by Stephen L Card, the name was changed to SLC Associates in 1992 as part of a corporate re-branding. The partnership was incorporated in January 2001 as Geomatic Solutions Ltd but continues to trade under the more familiar names of SLC Associates or SLC Geomatic Solutions. The corporate logo was changed in 2010 and now says ‘SLC Geomatic Solutions’, a trading name that is becoming more familiar.

Our core business was to provide a high quality Land and Building Surveying service to the design sectors of the construction industry. However, in 1994, SLC Associates made a significant investment into GPS services by purchasing 5 sets of Leica GPS receivers and becoming, at that time, the largest corporate user of geodetic GPS equipment in the UK.
Twenty two years later, we continue to offer the full range of surveying and mapping services but the commitment to GPS and GNSS based services is still the main priority.

Our specialist aeronautical Surveyors have now successfully carried out over 260 WGS-84 aerodrome surveys around the World. We have also developed specialist software called GDMS which is soon to be available in an Enterprise version as well as the Desktop version. GDMS handles electronic terrain and obstacle data (eTOD) and analyses aerodrome obstructions. GDMS Desktop is currently in use at over 60 locations worldwide.

WGS-84 Implementations and Aerodrome Surveys

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as the Navstar GPS have become an essential tool for navigation in the 21st century, especially in aviation where WGS-84 provides a single global coordinate system for a global industry.

Therefore, since the 1990s, ICAO have required that all geospatial data required to enable the safe operation of airports and aircraft is surveyed in the WGS-84 system.

We have been carrying out WGS-84 surveys at aerodromes since the mid-1990s and are now the largest private aeronautical survey specialist in Europe.

We offer a complete package of WGS-84 implementation services and software support to airports and national administrations worldwide.

The aim of an aerodrome survey is to provide accurate positional information to enable the Aerodrome operators to meet their safety responsibilities and provide the data required by all stakeholders (operators, civil aviation authorities and IFP designers) to:

  • consider aerodrome licensing issues;
  • design and develop operational flight procedures;
  • prepare charts;
  • conduct safety evaluations;
  • promulgate information in the AIP and other associated documents

The requirement is to provide quality assured lists of aerodrome facilities (i.e. runways, navigation aids, etc.) and features identified as obstacles for each Aerodrome. These lists form the basis for all charting, obstacle filtering (using obstacle identification surfaces) and analysis for Instrument Flight Procedures (IFP) design.

After twenty-one years and 260 airports, SLC Associates – Geomatic Solutions are now the largest private aeronautical survey specialist in Europe and offer a complete package of data collection (survey) and software support to airports and national civil aviation authorities.

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