In addition to being a leading manufacturer and supplier of boarding pass and baggage tag printers for the aviation and travel industry, VidTroniX offers a full line of check-in and security related products.

The goal of VidTroniX is to work directly with clients to develop products fitting the specific needs of their companies. Since 1999, VidTroniX installed over 85,000 ATP and MAP printers and recently expanded its global presence in the marketplace with major installations in the Middle East, mobility solutions, incorporation of its printers into large scale kiosk projects and RFID printers.

VidTroniX ATP3 Boarding Pass and Baggage Tag Printer

The VidTroniX ATP3 is a single path travel document printer that is able to accommodate either boarding passes or baggage tags by automatically adjusting between stock types, without any agent intervention. A unique feature of the ATP3 printer is that all of its parts are backwards-compatible with earlier versions, allowing clients to upgrade an older ATP printer by simply adding a new motherboard. Recently, VidTroniX introduced a mobility printing solution. In this application, the printers, scanners, cables and laptop are all housed in a portable wheeled container for use in remote, temporary, and possibly unsecured facilities. In addition to standalone printers, VidTroniX supplies kiosk printers to Southwest, Alaskan, American, IBM, NCR, SITA and others. To date, every major carrier in the US and Canada, with the exception of two, benefits from utilizing VidTroniX products.

VidTroniX MAP

The VidTroniX MAP is a three path travel document printer that prints on two successive boarding pass stocks and one baggage tag stock using a single printhead. Given the small size of the MAP printer and its ability to print on three separate stocks, it takes up much less space than the three printers it essentially replaces. There are also separate interface connections for the boarding pass and baggage tags allowing for dual host configurations.

RFID, Wireless and Bluetooth Printing

VidTroniX was the original supplier of RFID printers for the Las Vegas installation in 2006 and has recently installed hundreds of new RFID equipped printers in multiple common use airports both domestically and internationally. This technology allows real time tracking of the baggage and prevents baggage from ending up on the wrong airplane or erroneously being sent to baggage claim. All VidTroniX printers can be retro fitted with RFID for the new baggage system requirements.

With changes in technology new ways to communicate with devices change as well. VidTroniX has developed Wifi and Bluetooth printing solutions via Apple iOS and the Android platform. This allows not only agents more flexibility, but in some applications the customers as well.

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