Passenger Tracking and Counting SystemsState of the Art Service Delivery Measurement Systems for Airports, Passenger Tracking and Counting Systems

The Xovis Passenger Tracking System PTS enables airports to reach new levels of Service Delivery Measurement (passenger flow measurement, analysis and management).

Besides normal passenger counting and tracking, process and waiting times in queuing areas as well as queue fill levels and in-and-outflow and counts of open lines and desks are measured precisely.

The behavior of passengers can be analyzed and the passenger flow can be managed by switching the signalization, controlling escalators etc.

Xovis’ 3D Optical Sensor Technology is the most advanced technology for person, vehicle and bag tracking available today worldwide, guaranteeing capture rates up to 98%.

The ability to manage mounting heights higher than 10 meters as well as the area coverage of 100m2 per sensor are unique features.

A number of sensors can be combined to a Multisensor system for the seamless coverage of larger areas. Passengers can be tracked over the entire area being covered, not limiting the tracking to the viewing range of a single sensor.

Since the whole processing is performed on the sensor, no video streaming is necessary and data privacy is guaranteed.

What can Xovis PTS do for you?

Xovis PTS is the system of choice for all airport Service Delivery Management aspects, measuring all relevant KPIs, covering all areas from curb to gate, tracking people, vehicles and bags.

Xovis PTS is the only system available in the market that can measure Check-in KPIs in an accurate, stable and reliable way with sample rates of up to 98%.

Xovis PTS delivers:

  • Passenger Counting / People Counting
  • Waiting Time and Queue Length Measurements
  • Waiting Time Prediction
  • Queue Detection and Desk Allocation
  • Process Success Analysis
  • Passenger Flow Analysis
  • Passenger Flow Management
  • Realtime Forecasting
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