Baggage Management SolutionsIn today’s competitive world of global aviation, Zafire has built a reputation for developing software solutions that help airlines to bring greater speed, security, and accuracy to their ground handling operations. Zafire’s web-based baggage reconciliation system (BRS) FirstBag is an innovative International Air Transport Association (IATA) standard solution to the long standing problem of baggage reconciliation, and is used by 44 airlines in various locations around the world. Using the distributive power of the Internet, FirstBag provides access to real-time information which enables airport and airline staff to track and manage passenger and aircrew baggage from check-in to bag retrieval.

Easy to install and intuitive to use, FirstBag reduces the percentage of lost baggage due to manual mishandling, reduces the amount of lost baggage due to unorganised working practices in bag rooms, reduces the time required for interline baggage transferral (to less than the industry standard of 50 minutes between transfer flights), ensures that bags are loaded into the correct containers, and limits human error in baggage handling by providing the tools to make informed decisions.

How FirstBag Works

FirstBag comprises two components, hand-held terminals (HHTs) which are used in the baggage room to scan and load bags, and workstations, which are used to perform administrative tasks and monitor loading progress for each flight.

FirstBag works in conjunction with airlines’ departure control systems (DCS).  Each time that a passenger checks in a bag, it is allocated a unique bar code and the DCS sends a baggage source message (BSM) to FirstBag containing the passenger and bag information.  FirstBag stores the information and associates it with the correct flight.  When the bag arrives in the baggage room, the bar code is scanned using a HHT, and a check is performed to ensure that it matches the passenger and flight information held by FirstBag.  If the bag passes the check, FirstBag authorises it for loading.  If loading staff attempt to load a bag into the wrong container, FirstBag issues a warning and advises the correct location for the luggage, thus eliminating the ‘human error’ factor.

ICAO AAA Security Standard Compliant

FirstBag enables airlines to adhere to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) AAA security standard by ensuring that all bags that are checked in are accounted for and authorised for carriage before being loaded.

FirstBag also records the position of each bag that is loaded, including container and position within container.  This ensures that staff can quickly locate and offload luggage should the need arise (e.g. passenger is not travelling).

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